Autumn Abundance (10am - 330pm)

  • 75 British pounds

What to expect

Join Jesse & Olivia to honour the Autumn Season with Abundance. Nourish your senses through breath and Movement this Autumn. A time where we go inward, nurture and go a little slower in prepartion for the autumn months. Jesse will be journeying through movement with you - Starting with a slow and nurturing wake up through somatic inspired movement leading into an energising strong & slow flow vinyasa practice. Winding it down to a slower pace and a guided yoga nidra journey to bring a sense of calm and consciousnesses to the body. Olivia will be journeying through the breath with you... Breathwork is the purposeful engagement of conscious, connected breathing. For centuries, we have found that by changing rate, depth & flow of the respiratory cycle we can create a shift in consciousness, cognition and our state of awareness. In today's times we are learning that when applied therapeutically, the shifts created from conscious connected breathing can stimulate a deeper sense of inner connection, recalibrate our nervous systems and enable emotional empowerment as well as physical/tension release in the body. In this breathwork session Olivia will guide you through a safe nose inhalation led breathwork journey, with you lying down. Olivia's approach is to promote a feeling of safety, space, freedom to express and access anything that comes up for you. Olivia will guide you through engaging your breath in a way that cultivates nervous system regulation, practising methods in which to deregulate our overstimulated nervous systems - which is the key to emotional and physical health. Hoping to leave you with a permeating feeling of awe. Awe of the way the breath can release emotions, and the effect harnessing our breath can have on the mind, body and soul.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule please notify me up to 12 hours in advance. The refund amount will be at the discretion of the facilitator depending on the nature of the event, anything requested after this will be charged in full. For further queries please email

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