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What other people say...


Sharing great experiences is one thing but sharing them and gaining awesome feedback is something else, I aim to bring a sense of calm and warmth to anyone who joins me through movement, massage or marketing! Thank you to all who have shared their experience. 


Chloe, Wiltshire

"Jesse creates the most gorgeous, welcoming, grounding atmosphere in her classes, regardless of whether they’re online or in person. Combining beautiful flows, breath work, visualisation and meditation, she makes yoga fun - always reminding you to smile and relax no matter the pose. She is without doubt one of the best teachers I’ve worked with in the 15 years I’ve been practicing yoga."

Nikki, Gloucestershire

"This is the best yoga class I have been to. It really is. It was the most calm time, and the way Jesse combined the movements with a soothing voice, words and easy direction, with relaxing background music, made it a very tranquil way to end the week and begin the weekend. I would highly recommend the class to anyone who wants to combine subtle body stretching with restful mindfulness and meditation."


Christo, Gloucestershire

"Being a complete beginner at yoga, I didn’t know what to expect. What I received was a warm welcome, a patient teacher with a fantastic technique for making everyone feel comfortable.


From the more active cardio beginning with upbeat musical accompaniments to the more calming elements towards the end of the session, the whole hour really sets you up for the day. You couldn’t be in safer hands with Jesse, an experienced teacher whose verbal cues and clear passion for her craft both inspires and educates."

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